Mac Derby 2022 results!

Photo Credit: Odell Lake

by Fish Reports Staff

Mac Derby 2022 results! 1st place ERIC DAHL 21.98 POUNDS.

2nd place Adam Brennamen 20.88. 3rd Dean Larsen 17.80 4th Nick Trevino 17.08. 5th Bill Feist 16.62 6th Ethan Schillenger 16.60 7th Gary Green 16.48 8th Trevor Wenning 16.39 9th Lee Dilley 16.29 10th Ed Howard 16.08 11th Todd Reid 12th Ewald Larsen 15.86 13th Tom Nardi 15.81 14th Greg Hall 15.72 15th Brandon Zgraggen 15.64. Congrats to all and see ya next year!!!!